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Key Web 3.0 Features and Technologies

Web 3.0 Feature

Key Web 3.0 Features and Technologies

Several key Web 3.0 features define what this third generation of the web will likely be all about:


Unlike the first two generations of the web, where governance and applications were largely centralized, Web 3.0 will deliver applications and services through a distributed approach that doesn’t depend on a central authority.


Blockchain decentralization is the enabler for Web 3.0’s distributed applications and services. With blockchain, data is managed and validated on a broadly distributed, peer-to-peer network. Blockchain also employs a theoretically immutable ledger of transactions and activity, which helps to verify the authenticity and build trust among blockchain participants.


Cryptocurrency is a key Web 3.0 feature that is expected to largely replace the “fiat currency” issued by government central banks.

Semantically Organized:

The idea behind the Semantic Web is to categorize and store information in a way that helps “teach” an AI-based system what data means. Websites will be able to understand the words in search queries the same way a human would, enabling them to generate and share better content.

Autonomous and Artificially Intelligent:

More overall automation is a critical Web 3.0 feature, and it will largely be powered by AI. Websites equipped with AI will filter through and provide the data individual users need.
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